PALERMO | 2017



Lounge Bar

Concept Store

Piazzetta Vincenzo Bonelli 4/5

Palermo, Sicily, 90133

Open every day


Tuesday-Sunday 12:00 - 02:00

Monday 17:00 - 02:00

Jimmy Sax - No Man No Cry


SciùRum: the hub of extravaganza

SciùRum was originally conceived as a showroom of the collection of the Persian poet and designer Nasser Charles Ayazpour. But soon the desire to adapt to the hectic and aggregative nature of the city of Palermo became strong. Hence, SciùRum turned into a concept store where everything is for sale and where it is possible to eat ( Sciù ) and drink ( Rum )


drink & platter  10€

Every day

until 8PM


- WHERE Travel - 25 September 2020


Contact us

Sit comfortably around a table, or choose the original 1950s cinema benches, the wrought iron swing or our colorful armchairs

for info and reservations

mobile 392.1388478

landline 091.7930531